Michelle Abich, MPH, MCHES
michelle@nourishedright.com | (626) 497-8168

Individual Programs

Individual Programs

All plans include:

• Customized meal plans with recipes
• Body composition and BMI analysis
• Macronutrient recommendations
• Office location options

Identify Goals

15 min

• Identify goals and discuss program options.
• Body composition analysis and review

One-on-One Nutrition Counseling

(60 min)

Medical nutrition therapy and nutrition history review. Lifestyle and current eating habits assessment. Identify barriers and create specific, measurable, realistic goals specific to individual’s needs. Includes:

• Custom meal plan with nutrient recommendations

One-on-One Nutrition Counseling with Specialty Topic

(60 min)
1-session $65
2 sessions $125
3 sessions $185

Same as program above. Includes but not limited to:

• GI disorders (diverticulitis, IBS, leaky gut)
• Gluten-free (Celiac disease, thyroid issues)
• Hypertension & cholesterol
• Eliminating/detoxing heavy metals
• Ketogenic or intermittent fasting diet
• Pre-and post-partum nutrition

Maintenance Nutrition (existing customers)

(30 min)

Same as program above. Includes but not limited to:

• Follow-up and support (optional location or phone)
• Continuing education and ongoing support
• Reassess barriers and create solutions
• 1-week meal plan and prep with recipes