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Food Allergies

Food Allergies

SECTION 1 – Problem Areas of Concern

The graph may show signs of liver toxicity, degrees of inflammation, digestion problems, the health of the lymphatic drainage system, and much more. Results from the analysis may also show mild to serious fungal or parasite infections, chronic issues related to obesity, adrenal exhaustion, or auto-immune diseases like scleroderma, diabetes, or extreme adrenal insufficiency.

Sample list of recommended supplements based on results.


SECTION 2- Resonances

Every person has a unique vibration and a unique frequency.  Our frequency is who we are.  When in our bio-energy field there are many negative resonances, it means that the person is dealing with a load of vibrations that are not good and may diminish the immune system, confuse the mind and the body functions, and need to be cleaned. 


Results may indicate that perhaps a liver detoxification program is necessary to see if a specific condition will improve. In addition, chelation may be necessary when high levels of toxic metals inhibit the body’s ability to process and assimilate specific nutritional elements that are essential to good health and have a proven link to many types of diseases. In any case, Clinical Nutrition is indicated in this section, including the chelation of toxic heavy metals and any other toxins accumulated in the body.


It is basic to understand that the resonances given do not indicate the presence of actual disease in the person whose saliva and hair have been analyzed.  These resonances only indicate that the energy field may be heavy with toxins. It is also essential to see the effect of negative resonances in the mind and emotions of the persons tested.   In many cases, the toxicity is in the memory of events and situations that the person has not been able to let go of.  In other cases, there are ancestral conditions, programs, and situations that we are not aware of, but that cause improper positions in the energy field and it would mean a lot to the person if that energy is eliminated or harmonized.  This is especially important, given that everything begins in the mind.  So, clear thoughts and a clear outlook in life are essential to good health.


Negative Renosances


SECTION 3  Sensitivities and Allergies

The difference between sensitivity and allergy is often a question of degree. Please refer to the column of numbers to the left of the color column to understand this test. These numbers indicate degrees. 45 to 60 is green, and the person can have these substances without restrictions. 60 to 80 indicates inflammation and a degree of sensitivity. You should avoid eating these items frequently. Eat them once a week or less. 

If the substances go above 80, you need to avoid these substances for at least six months. The six months duration specifies digestive enzymes. The yellow lines indicate either a deficiency which would be an indication to supplement or a bad allergy. The determination is at the doctor’s discretion.


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