Michelle Abich, MPH, MCHES
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About Michelle

About Michelle

Over 20 Years Experience

Michelle excelled in the field of diet and nutrition and has proven to do so for over 20 years.

While attending USC graduate school, Michelle worked with leading diabetes, cancer and obesity researchers at USC General Clinical Research Center. By the age of 27, Michelle was awarded a $3M federally funded grant for childhood obesity prevention programs in Los Angeles and Pasadena unified school districts. She successfully managed this program for almost 10 years.

One of her greatest career achievements was her role as Health Education Program Manager at the Los Angeles Air Force Base. Michelle managed innovative health and wellness programs which included nutrition and stress management for over 3,000 military personnel to include the US Army, Coast Guard and Navy. She was awarded “Best Health and Wellness program” Air Force-wide in 2012.

In 2013, her career focus shifted to a clinical healthcare setting where she supported specialists in cardiology and endocrinology. Her concentration expanded to private nutrition consultations for patients needing special diets related to cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, GI disorders and weight loss.

In 2018, Michelle began teaching Nutrition Science at Santa Monica College as an adjunct professor.

Additional accomplishments include running over 20 marathons and trail races, including numerous biathlon competitions and practicing hot yoga for over 10 years. Married for over 13 years and mother of twins, Michelle truly believes that

“with God, everything is possible.”

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